Paris By Day Paris By Night
“Daniel Cheetham’s photographs are of Paris, but imbued with a new sense of the unkown.  Eschewing all cliches’ of one of the most recognizable cities on the planet, his eye finds a new, near mysterious take the familiar.”

Like most capital cities Paris has its attractions, well know and well trodden, captured on collective memory holiday images or postcards of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Élysées, Notre Dame cathedral, lamp lit bridges and cafes spilling on to pavements. It is a place to visit in the Spring, the Summer, for love and in sadder recent times for hate. To most tourists Paris remains the same, the places visited remain in memory, the expected images and places a visitor wants and expects to experience.

Paris has been described as being a patchwork of villages, separate cultural quarters with a real sense of community. Paris is constantly changing and becomes a different place to different people.

‘If one isn’t born a Parisian, one becomes a Parisian by living in Paris.’
(Caroline Harleaux & Benjamin Durand)

Daniel journeys through his familiar and unfamiliar Paris. He is revisiting places off the beaten track. Places he has visited before but now with a new eye, finding new possibilities and views. He is attempting to find his Paris not in the moments of Cartier-Bresson, or the fog filled streets and wet cobbles of night we see in Brassai’s ‘Paris de nuit’. Daniel is a visiting Flâneur, exploring and constantly discovering and rediscovering hidden corners of the city. Daniel’s images are an investigation of non-place, the often overlooked and missed, not only by tourists but also by Parisians. Revealing these places in a new light, distinct, and posing the question do we really know the places we in habit. We are left considering our own view of the familiar.

Foreword By Kevin Linnane

French Words By: Caroline Harleaux & Benjamin Durand
Translation By: Katell Sevellec

A5, 4 colour print on uncoated paper.
36 Pages
28 Colour Photos.
Copper wire bound